This project has been ongoing over a number of years, see earlier notes, and I had hoped that this collection of poems would put the lid on it…

This is now unlikely to be the case, and I cannot put the project out of my mind. So, I have decided to free the poems by publishing them today. There will be 15 copies of this hand-made pamphlet. They are on sale now at £10 each including postage within the UK, and at £5 extra for overseas posting.

Please email me to order your copy. We are currently making a film which will include readings of all poems in the collection. Thanks for looking.

Making light work, 2019

We have recently returned from this residency with the National Trust, met some lovely folk (four hundred plus visitors) and put together this short film which we hope captures some spirit of time and place…

The poem found, with the impromptu reading in the film by actor Clive Woodward, is taken from Killick (see earlier blog posting).

The National Trust have agreed our residency at this site for 8-14 May 2020

we hope you like it and thank you for looking

Making Light Work, 2019

at the Former Paraffin Store, St Anthony Head, Roseland, Cornwall:

On the poster you will see the St Anthony Head lighthouse in the distance and on your side of it can be seen a small white rectangle, which is the Former Paraffin Store to the Lighthouse. We are pleased to have been asked to return here, by the National Trust, for the third year. Please come along and see what we are up to – art-making at the site – cyanotypes perhaps?

Killick publication

I have a sense of reaching the final stage of this project, with fifteen sculptural objects made, fifteen short films completed and now a poetry pamphlet, with fifteen poems, each poem having fifteen lines. (The number fifteen relates to the number of bezants, which appear in Cornish heraldry).

I have cut the paper, printed one set of pages and sewn up the first pamphlet. Please have a look at my earlier research notes on the Killick project. Perhaps I just need to give the pamphlet one last look…

first copy of the hand sewn poetry pamphlet
stitching between text…


Two boughs must have broken off in the wind/snow which swept the moor some weeks ago and I only noticed them yesterday. After trimming the boughs there were masses of beautiful flowered stems on the ground. I collected these up and left a note by the studio which read “please help yourself”…

I used four branches to make the killick, Camellia (see research notes on Killick)

So, the branches came from Bodmin Moor and the stone was found at Hannafore near Looe. The photographs show some of the making process in the studio, the sculpture in the garden, by the Camelia (top right) and under studio lighting, with shadow. I seem to have left the flowers in place…



Constructed from one of the rocks found in Cornwall on the shore near Looe and magnolia branch trimmings, Magnolia is a new killick.

There are three photographs below, the first documents part of the killick making process, followed by a close up of the rock, with the magnolia tree just visible in the background and a final photograph taken under studio lighting, with shadows (see blog notes on Killick Project).

Thank you for looking…

in the studio during the killick making process

close up of “magnolia” (with magnolia tree branch visible on the left)

magnolia under studio lighting, with shadows…

wire and stone

recent stone finds, destined for new work(s) or the continuation of a current project(?) together with snips of galvanised wire, coated in pvc – not a favourite material – I picked these up from the ground and could not seem to throw them away…