poems with music…

We have now completed three more projects in the Poem by Post series.

from left to right, A Sense of Place, Tag Ending and Vigil

All three of these recent poems contain a melody line and guitar chords, so they can be read or sung to music. Currently working on a fourth one…

So, dust down the old guitar in the attic and contact us by email if you’d like one or more of these hand-sewn pamphlets (£10 each including p&p). We can also email a free audio file for each poem, to give an idea of the tune.

Contact by email to: bennetta.artco@gmail.com


This project has been ongoing over a number of years, see earlier notes, and I had hoped that this collection of poems would put the lid on it…

This is now unlikely to be the case, I cannot put the project out of my mind, and I am interested in putting the poems to music…


Bluebells at St Anthony


A new publication in the Poem by Post Series, in collaboration with visual artist Susan Bennetta, a creative outcome arising from a recent residency “Making Light Work”, at the former Paraffin Store to the Lighthouse (see Research page). I responded to one of Susan’s cyanotypes, bluebells.  This hand-sewn pamphlet is available from our press.


Bluebells at St Anthony…

From the lighthouse

along cliff track

between them

(argand and electric lamp)

an empty stretcher

wooden, bed-flat, hung up.

Here, above the sea

at the paraffin store

you make cyanotypes

potential for light contained

scrape-marks on old stone

miracle and lost things

hedge and kissing gate

for the years between

you choose bluebells

and this poem, you.

After day’s light

distance safe

a secret place

is wildflower deep

coffin, cattle-trough

by churchyard path

in Roseland



© Philip Bennetta, 2018