We made a series of films whilst living in France entitled “Acadiane Journeys…” filmed from our Citroen Acadiane van, on journeys in France. All these films have original music and poetry, in English and/or French. We lived in France for eight years, had our studios there and were registered as Artiste Libre. Sadly, when we returned to live in the UK our little French van was sold and something larger purchased to help with the house move. Our van was originally registered in Charente Maritime (17) and today Daisy has returned, an Acadiane from the same region, via Wales! So, more films to come, here’s a link to an earlier one, made in France, when we were struggling with staying or returning to the UK:

and here is Daisy, just arrived today:

Daisy Acadiane
Daisy Acadiane, showing her roots

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