We have made several films in this series, which feature original music, poetry and special journeys in a Citroen van, some in France and some in the UK. Having let go one Acadiane van in France, when we returned to live in the UK, we have now acquired another one, from the same region of France as the first. So, our back projection screen fits our latest little Citroen van (roll on the exhibitions and festivals) and we have started with two new short films, to add to the others, here’s the series so far, with our most recent film first:

https://youtu.be/2LRkpZOtaBI Acadiane journeys Vega and Arcturus

https://youtu.be/KMqvHaJ8Qkk Acadiane Journeys (Bodmin Moor to Looe)

http://youtu.be/s7C8pIJorZw Acadiane journeys (Sunday in August)

http://youtu.be/FbF9z7KT9dU  Acadiane Journeys (Sunday in April)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DcHVLDC_Jc Acadiane Journeys(out of time)

Acadiane Journeys…

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