Pamphlet Poets

VIRAL – Journal of a Plague Year by poet Michael Curtis is now published and is our latest in the series:

The Pamphlet Poets Series is an imprint of Community of Poets & Artists Press and features hand sewn collections, in the pamphlet style of the 1920’s and 1930’s, by contemporary poets. Some of these unique publications also include original artwork. We published the first pamphlet of the series in 1997 and our most recent in 2021. Here is the full list, with the earliest in the series first:

Louvre Imperial, by W. H. Petty (ISBN 0 9523546 6)

Under the Skin by Narissa Knights (ISBN 0 9523546 7 5)

To be continued… by Philip Bennetta (ISBN 0 9523546 5 9)

Looking for gods by Dawn Gorman (ISBN 0 9523546 9 1)

Going not Gentle by Jean Sealey (ISBN 1-902529-05-07)

Spontaneous Overflow by Stella Jackson (ISBN 1-902529-07-3)

Interpretations of History by W.H. Petty (ISBN 1-902529-09-X)

Bus Dreams by William Hazell (ISBN 1-902529-01-4)

Standing Stone by Natasha Carthew (ISBN 1-902529-02-2)

Airing Cupboard by Barbara Dordi (ISBN 1-902529-03-0)

Henge by Mary Rice (ISBN 1-902529-04-9)

Cafard by Robert Cole (ISBN 1-902529-06-5)

Paths by M.P.A. Sheaffer (ISBN 1-902529-09-X)

Looking for Solutions by Susan Bennetta (ISBN 1-902529-14-6)

Those Marks So Deeply Scored by Philip Bennetta (ISBN 978-1-902529-17-2)

VIRAL Journal of a Plague Year by Michael Curtis (ISBN 978-1-902529-29-5)

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