Pamphlet Poets update

The Louvre Imperial, by W. H. Petty (ISBN 0 9523546 6)

Under the Skin by Narissa Knights (ISBN 0 9523546 7 5)

To be continued… by Philip Bennetta (ISBN 0 9523546 5 9)

Looking for gods by Dawn Gorman (ISBN 0 9523546 9 1)

Going not Gentle by Jean Sealey (ISBN 1-902529-05-07)

Spontaneous Overflow by Stella Jackson (ISBN 1-902529-07-3)

Interpretations of History by W.H. Petty (ISBN 1-902529-09-X)

Bus Dreams by William Hazell (ISBN 1-902529-01-4)

Standing Stone by Natasha Carthew (ISBN 1-902529-02-2)

Airing Cupboard by Barbara Dordi (ISBN 1-902529-03-0)

Henge by Mary Rice (ISBN 1-902529-04-9)

Cafard by Robert Cole (ISBN 1-902529-06-5)

Paths by M.P.A. Sheaffer (ISBN 1-902529-09-X)

Looking for Solutions by Susan Bennetta (ISBN 1-902529-14-6)

Those Marks So Deeply Scored by Philip Bennetta (ISBN 978-1-902529-17-2)

VIRAL Journal of a Plague Year by Michael Curtis (ISBN 978-1-902529-29-5)

Michael Curtis, VIRAL Journal of a Plague Year:

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